I have been participating Nick English lessons for almost 6 months. He is an experienced motivated English tutor who can help all kind of student rather than their levels to be fluent and confident to live among English native speakers. He helped me a lot in preparing my resume and cover letter and practicing cold calling with me to achieve my dream job. He is an easy going person and very supportive. His lessons are so enjoyable and informative. If you want to improve your English, this is a right place.


I have studied with Nick for almost 2 months. His English class was good for my english skill,such as speaking, listening and writing. My english has been improved a lot. Nick is a good teacher with great patience.If you have time and want to improve your english,don’t lose this opportunity, you will enjoy it.


Nick’s lessons have been very useful for me. He has pushed me to sink deeply in English language… I’ve really improved my English speaking and understanding. Examples showed me how to use some expressions, verbs, phrasal verbs in English. I’ve been called to a job interview the week after my last lesson and I’ve been hired. I warmly thank him for his help! Don’t wait a minute longer, he is an amazing teacher!