Our Services

1. Pre Construction Termite Control Services

We provide pre construction termite control services, termite control services and anti termite soil treatment in which we offer services to protect the valuable articles from the damages incurred by the tiny insects. Pre construction termite control services are very effective which works through injecting chemicals under the ground.

a. Termite Control Services

1We offer an effective range of preventive service of Termite Control. These services are designed to stop the termite from incurring damages to the walls, household articles which live underground. These insects enter the human dwellings and make damages to the documents, valuable property, furniture & furnishings as well as anything that contains cellulose. Breeding underground in the soil, these insects destroy essential accessories without making people aware of the loss. Our preventive measures include pest control services which protect the articles from damages and loss.

b. Anti Termite Soil Treatment

2Leveraging on the proficiency of our experts, we are engaged in offering complete Anti Termite Soil Treatment solutions. These services are rendered by our professionals and are in regard to stop the termite from incurring damages in the soil. With the use of optimum quality chemicals and spraying method, we make that soil is kept away from termite and other harmful substances. Further, we have also hired workers who have the knowledge regarding different kinds of soils.

2. Anti Termite Treatment Service

a. Termite Treatment Services

3The range of anti-termite treatment services is designed for removing the tinny insects which live underground and hamper human dwelling. To protect from the damages done by these insects in the walls and other household articles we derive this range of anti-termite treatment services. This service includes all the essential works of pest control services.

3. Post Construction Termite Control Services

We are engaged in providing post construction termite control services which are delivered to the clients as per their needs. Consists of various preventive measures these services are effective in protecting the valuable articles from harmful but small insects and parasites. Available in a cost competitive price these services are delivered within defined time frame.

A. Post Construction Termite Control

4a. Dig shovel width trenches along the external wall of the building exposing the foundation wall surface up to a depth of deep rod holes apart all along this trench. Pour this premium Termite emulsion per running meter.

b. Treat the back fill earth, while returning it to the trench with Termite emulsion, directing the spray towards the wall surface.

If there is a concrete or masonary apron around the building, drill 6.5mm holes as close as possible to the plinth wall, 30cm apart. Pump Termite to soak the soil.

Incase of RCC framed structures with columns and plinth beams and RCC basements, the treatment can start at a depth of 50 cm below ground level.

Excavate shovel width trenches exposing the sides of the column and plinth beams up to 30cm (or bottom of the plinth beam) and treat the backfill earth with Termite emulsion while returning it to the trench of the vertical surface of the structure.

A wide array of preventive post construction termite control services is offered by our organization. Looking at the huge demands of the clients regarding these protective measures, we develop and offer these services. We make these services affordable to the clients are deliver whenever they are required.

4. Rodent Control Services

We bring a collection of preventive measures to keep protect the articles and resident premises from the reach of the insects and parasites and creatures. Rats and other small creatures move around the resident as well as commercial premises and make damages and loss to the household articles, necessary documents and other important accessories. Our effort is to provide rodent control services which keep the articles out from the reach rats and other non target animals.
We are leading service provider for offering an effectual array of Rats Control Services

Rats Instrument and Transformers

5We provide a quality range of rats’ instruments and transformers. To protect the food grains, valuable documents and other essential articles from the reach of rats. For this, we designed rat catching instrument which works very effectively without human intervention.

Getting Started:
To work with this instrument first connect the power cord into 220 volts socket. The front panel light will begin indicating that the unit is functioning properly. The switch provided at the front panel, shift to high frequency for normal & low frequency position for testing purpose.

after installing the ECO, the user begins to notice the effects of ECO in few days. There will be an absence of Rat activity. An increase in insects’ activity during this time can be noticed due to the ultrasonic sound waves driving these pests from hiding. While the pests are being driven away, they are undoubtedly leaving their eggs and larvae behind which are not affected by the ultrasonic sound waves. For cockroaches we recommend to use Boric Acid Powder. Boric acids helps in destroying eggs of cockroaches and the process can be executed by making a paste of boric acids & put it on the holes where cockroaches hide

• Harmless to humans and most pests
• No toxic chemicals or messy traps
• Compact and Handy
• Easy to install
• Negligible power consumption/ maintenance
• Can operate 24 hours non-stop
• Different from medicines/smoke/odor without the fear of second pollution
• No recurring expenses- One time investment

• Dimensions : 4″x3.5″x4″
• Power Supply : 220 Volts Ac
• Power consumption : 1-1/2Watt ( Continuously Variable)
• Ultrasonic Range : 25Khz to 50Khz at 80db Sound Pressure

Glue Trap

6We are one of the prominent suppliers of rodent glue trap boxes. These are the devices which keep the glue traps out of the reach of mouse and other non-target animals. Enabled with mounted lids these devices restrict the children to use. These products are used in various transformations which enable it to be ground fixed, for creeping insects and also as safety enclosure. These products are used near doors and crevices, warehouses and back of supermarket.

Rodent Bait Station N Trap System

7Our association has gained vast appreciation for presenting a qualitative range of Mouse Bait Stations. The offered products are developed by high quality material together with the use of advance tools and tackles.

Rats Control Services

8These services are solely concerned with the protection of the household premises and commercial areas from the reach of the rats. Rats can cause loss to a greater extent to the documents, important articles and other household accessories. by using liquid chemicals approved from authorized laboratory we protect the articles from the damages incurred. With some useful features our services are adopted by various clients.
Some of the features of our rodent control services are as follows:
• Flexible
• Reliable
• Efficient
• Cost Effective

Rats Control Service

9Our offered solutions of rats control services include the protection of food grains, household articles, and important documents from the damages incurred by rats. Under adverse circumstances and extreme weather conditions rats can grow their species and habitats. They not only damage & destroy the documents, food grains but also contaminate several viruses and harmful agents to the foods which cause various health disorders and diseases.

5. Pigeon Control Services

A complete solution to the problems of pigeon and other birds is incorporated by us at reasonable rates. In resident premises and humane areas birds fly and cause contamination in the food which results in many health diseases and discomfort. To protect human life from such critical problems we provide the range of pigeon control services.

Bird Control Spike

Stainless Steel Spikes are maintenance free, easy to install and a very effective to deter the birds.

A. Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

10Ultrasonic Bird Repeller uses a natural predatory principle to scare unwanted birds away from farms, orchards, gardens, yards, airport runways, helipads or any other property.
• The built-in PIR sensor detects movement and the powerful loudspeaker broadcasts predatory calls of the hawk, falcon, and owl species.
• The option of AUTO mode with a time interval setting allows the device to generate the signal every 5–30 minutes automatically.
• Ultrasonic Bird Repeller works in the daytime only when pest birds are active.
• This humane and environment-friendly method will solve your pest bird problem without harm to humans and other creatures. In addition, it can also deter open field rodents and rabbits.

Key Specifications/Special Features :

Birds Affected
• Pigeons, Crows, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Starling, other pest birds, etc.

• Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is easily installed to protect farms, yards, factories, gardens, landscapes, airport runways and any other properties.


• Dimensions: 90 x 170 x 120 m/m
• Power supply: 100-120VAC, 50/60 cycles
• Adapter: 220-240VAC, 50/60 cycles
• Output: 12VDC
• Sound: Digital recording of hawks, falcons and owls
• Protection Coverage: up to 1 acre (when VOLUME knob turned to maximum)
• PIR function: Fan shaped area of 130 degree, distance up to 30ft


• PIR function allows smaller area protection
• AUTO function with 5-30 minutes interval for large protection
• Built-in photocell disables the device when it is dark
• PIR function offers a daytime security to alert the possible intrusion
• Sounds of hawks and owls may scare outdoor rats, mice, rabbits
• Time Interval adjustment to control the sound emission. Built-in volume adjustment
• Special IC chip recording of actual predatory calls of hawks, falcons and owls

B. Birds Control Service

11In order to deter birds we are presenting this service with zero maintenance. This service is non lethal and cost effective and is performed using spikes. We offer our services at varied places for the protection from bird menace; these places include hotels, historic places, airports, administrative buildings and shopping malls.

6. Smoke Fumigation Services

Our organization is well admired for the effective smoke fumigation services. The chemicals approved by the WHO are used to protect the commercial as well as residential areas from contamination and health risks incurred by the germs and parasites.

Reliable Smoke Fumigation Service

12We offer effective and Reliable Smoke Fumigation Service which are executed in order to control infestation in a specific area. These services are carried by using premium quality fumigants approved by the Indian Insecticide Act 1968. Rules 1971 and order 1986, through the process of smoke generation. Almost all adverse effects of parasites and germs are eliminated from the area through these services without incurring any side effect to human health.

Some of the different smoke fumigation services are:
• Bulk and Bagged Commodities Fumigation
• In-Transit Fumigation
• Stored Grain Fumigation
• Factory Fumigation
• Quarantine Fumigation

Lawn Treatment Services

We specialize in providing lawn treatment services. Keeping the plants growth and habitants we undertake various measures according to species of the plants and grass. Our services include the maintenance and care of grass lawns, plants and beautiful flowers. Clinically tested chemicals and pesticides are used to maintain the lawns.

Garden Treatment Service

13Our offered services of lawn treatment cover large grass lawns and gardens. We take immense care in maintaining the greenery of grass lawns. For this, we use quality approved pesticides and chemicals to protect the grass, plants and flower plants from the damages of insects. We have several measures and a range of laboratory tested chemicals as per the growth & species of the plants. All the services offered by us are executed by farmers & gardeners and are availed by various reputed clients like:
• Corporate Houses
• Shopping Malls
• Government Buildings

Termite Control Services

The range of termite control services is designed for removing the tinny insects which live underground and hamper human dwelling. To protect from the damages done by these insects in the walls and other household articles we derive this range of termite control services. This service includes all the essential works of pest control services.

Termite Eliminator Service

14A wide array of both pre & post construction termite control services are offered by us. Designed to eliminate the termites and insects that incur damages and loss to the valuable properties, documents, furniture and other household articles. Our offered pre -construction anti-termite soil treatment service, we beneath floor and infuse it with powerful soil toxicants to create a chemical blockade. In this service our team of experts injects effective chemical compounds under the ground through holes and junction on the walls and floors. These holes & outlets are then sealed to restrict the entry of insects and parasites.

Disinfestation Services

To protect the household premises and commercial areas from the damages of insects and germs we provide disinfestations services. By using quality approved chemicals and pesticides we offer prevention and protection from the damages and contamination of harmful insects and germs. These services are basically undertaken by spraying the liquid chemicals around the surroundings to protect the whole area with no risk of harm of chemicals to human life.

Effective Disinfestation Service

15We offer and conduct effective measures of Effective Disinfestation Service to the resident premises and commercial surroundings which are prone to insects and germs. To protect the household & spacious areas from the infection and harmful effects of germs we use who approved pesticides and chemicals for executing our services. Without any risk to human life we execute our services by spraying the chemicals and pesticides throughout the entire area. In addition we also provide tamper proof containers designed to prevent any contact with non-target species like dogs, cats and birds.
our disinfestations services can be categorized by the following features:
• flexibility
• reliability
• cost effectiveness

Wood Borer Control Services

We execute some effective measures to prevent the harmful effect and damages incurred by wood borer inside any wooden accessories. Our services of this range are conducted by directly injecting the fluid inside the wooden furniture or any other articles. Under our service, the larvae of the insects present inside the wooden timber is killed by spraying chemical fluid inside. This service is very effective to prevent as well as to protect the wooden furniture and accessories from damage.

Wood Borer Control Services

16Our offered range of Wood Borer Control Services deliver effective & better way to prevent and protect the damages and loss incurred by the insects and germs. The insects leave their larvae inside the wooden timber which consume dry wood. Several types of wood borer are there which damage the household wooden articles & furniture. The most common types of borer are Anobid, Lyctid and Bostrichid.
The problem of wood damage can be overcome by early detection and prevention. Major larvae damage occurs entirely below the surface of the wood where larvae eat tunnels. We conduct and carry our the services of wood borer management by injecting fluid chemicals through the holes and junctions made on the walls. For an unfinished surface the service is executed by painting the chemicals through brushes. Good drainage and sub floor ventilation will help in reducing the risk of attack to softwood flooring timbers from these species.

Carpet Treatment Services

We present an effective measure of carpet treatment services. In this service range, we take intensive care of the expensive carpets by protecting them from the damages of germs, insects and parasites. With no uneven order the chemicals used for carpet treatment never change the texture nor the quality.

Carpet Treatment Service

17Our offered service of carpet treatment is undertaken for keeping the carpets clean and gentle. As carpets are expensive they need to be taken due care and maintenance. We provide best carpet treatment services to keep the large sized carpets clean, free from germs and gentle. Our carpet treatment services do not draw any adverse effect on the color, texture and quality of the carpets. With cost competency our services are well appreciated for some alluring features.
They are:
• Cost effectiveness
• Flexible
• Reliable
• Customer care support

Bee Control Services

Our organization is also engaged in providing services of bees and other smallest but harmful creatures. Under this solution, we provide protection of household premises and commercial areas from the effects of bees, cockroaches and other insects which harm human life and contaminate the atmosphere which can cause health problems.

Bee Control

18A range of protective measures against bees and other insects is provided by us. Under the proposed solutions of bees control services we provide protection of household premises and commercial areas which are affected by such creatures. We cover the solutions regarding the problems caused by cockroaches, household pests, mosquitoes and other smallest creatures.

Snake Control Services

Snake bite can make any human run for life. The poison of the snake can adversely effect the well being of any living creature. To tackle with the poisonous snake, we offer snake control services. We make sure that the reptile may not loose it’s life while the entire operation. We have experienced experts who are involved in snake control services.

Snake Control Services

19We bring forth Snake Control services for our esteemed customers. It is very important to remove the snakes instantly from the vicinity of humans as these are highly dangerous and poisonous creatures. This service is provided with the help of chemicals and gum trap. Moreover, customers can avail this affordable rate service by us at any time and our experts strive to visit their premises within the shortest span of time.

Bed Bugs Control

We are readily engaged in rendering Bed Bugs Control Services to respectable clients. We offer excellent services to eliminate the same in a safe and cost effective manner. To get rid of pests our entire team provides bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Control Services

20We are the leading service provider for Bed Bugs Control. The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) has long been a pest – feeding on blood, causing itchy bites and generally irritating their human hosts. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) all consider bed bugs a public health pest. However, unlike most public health pests, bed bugs are not known to transmit or spread disease.

They can, however, cause other public health problems, so it’s important to pay close attention to preventing and controlling bed bugs. Experts believe the recent increase in bed bugs in the United States may be due to more travel, lack of knowledge about preventing infestations, increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides, and ineffective pest control practices.
The good news is that there are ways to control bed bugs. Getting good, solid information is the first step in both prevention and control. While there is no chemical quick fix, there are effective strategies to control bed bugs involving both non-chemical and chemical methods.